Brand Potential Monitor

Quickly assessing the opportunities for your Consumer Health brands 

You have an interesting product and wish to introduce this in the marketplace! Key questions you need to answer are:

  • What is the total market potential for our product?
  • Do consumers like our products and how many units can we sell?
  • Which channels and retailers do we need in order to build optimal distribution.?
  • How do we reach the end users with relevant messages regarding our product?
  • What is the optimal consumer price and how much margin should we give to the trade?
  • Do we need distributors or others partners to manage Sales and Marketing?
  • How do we organize warehousing, distribution and the Order to Cash process?
  • What regulatory aspects do we need to be aware of and manage?


Pharma Results has developed a to the point assessment model to help you answer the above questions. Our Brand Potential Monitor allows you to quickly and accurately forecast business potential and provides you with fact based answers on the best Route to Market. Pharma Companies like Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, Galderma, Merial, Grünenthal, Sandoz, Boehringer Ingelheim have successfully used our tools to assess and identify business opportunities.

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Management information

The Brand Potential Monitor provides all key information you need to make strategic and tactical management decisions.

The Pharma Results Consultants have a track record in Marketing, Sales, Finance, Regulatory affairs and General Management and know what information is needed to make important decisions on product launches or starting new businesses. Our “Brand Potential Monitor” provides the following insights.

  • Consumer / Patient Tree’s
    • Size of the target group, penetration of usage, purchase intent, frequency of usage, repeat rate, optimal consumer price, etc.
  • Channel / Key Account plans
    • Channel choices, Retail Account options, distribution, pricing, promotions, rebates, Sales forecasting, Channel and Account P&L’s
  • Brand Building
    • Media investments and their effects on brand awareness and consumer sales.
    • Marketing options (Off-line, Online, Out of Home etc.)
    • Sales Force deployment
  • Financial Business Plan
    • 1 <> 10 year financial forecast, Full Brand P&L / Country P&L / Account P&L’s
    • Cash flow planning, Pay-back periods

Fact based 

In order to predict the market potential for your brand we use all relevant facts. In case critical information is not available, we can conduct market research. Over the last ten years this Model has been optimized and the predictive power has proven to be very accurate.

The “Brand Potential Monitor” can be used by any type of consumer oriented company. Our standard solution is specially designed for FMCG and Health Care companies.

The “Brand Potential Monitor” will accelerate success and save your company money

Running the “Brand Potential Monitor” analysis is a smart investment. Over the last years we have experienced that by using our “Brand Potential Monitor” companies where able to speed up growth through successful introductions. In some cases the outcome of our analysis showed negative launch recommendations. Although this could be disappointing for the customer, our process saved these companies a lot of money and resources which they now could deploy on high potential opportunities. Our standardize and validated approach will help your company in making smart decisions.


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